Tea for One? Chuck for one! Designer teapots for every day use.

Dear friends, in this article I would like to ask your opinion. As you probably know, our Chuck moneyboxes will hit the market in September 2015.

However, I do not want to leave it at that. Because I have more ideas. Lots of ideas. I am considering a number of products for market release this autumn. That's why I've made some new designs. I am excited to find out what you think! Read more...

The Adventures of Numnum in China

Last month, I travelled to China to witness the birth of my Chuck piggy banks. These are 10 piggy banks, each with their own identity and their own story.

In China, for the first time ever, I held Numnum in my arms. Numnum is a colourful piggy bank with a strong personality. He's awesome!

Shortly after his birth, Numnum and I went out to discover China. Soon, he was noticed by a local reporter. In this interview, you can read a short interview with Numnum about his first days in China. Read more ...

Original moneyboxes of the CHUCKFAMILY

Last month a dream of mine came true. I witnessed the birth of my first Chuck moneyboxes.

Moneyboxes? Indeed. Moneyboxes! Cute, colorful and most importantly unique moneyboxes with a touch of silly.

The beginning of a beautiful story!